About ICOS

So what is ICOS?

ICOS, or the Interdisciplinary Committee on Organizational Studies, has the single goal of enhancing the University of Michigan's strength as a world center for interdisciplinary research and scholarship on organizations. We seek to enrich the intellectual environment of Ph.D. students and faculty interested in organization studies, by increasing the quality, breadth, depth, and usefulness of organizational research.

What does ICOS offer?

1. The Seminar: ICOS offers a weekly Friday seminar (1:30-3:00 in R1240 Ross School of Business) which brings together top organizational researchers to present their work. Any and all members of the University community are welcome to attend, whether or not they are registered for the 1 or 3 credit course in Business Administration (840), or the School of Information (702). An ICOS video library of past seminars (1994-1998) is available through the Film and Video Library and is listed on Mirlyn. RealAudio recordings of our lectures began in the late Fall of 1997. There is a list of these RealAudio sessions from which you can play them back over the WWW with accompanying slides and photos. They are also accessible by clicking on presentation titles in the syllabi of current and previous semesters.

2. Developmental Activities: We offer a series of opportunities for graduate students to deepen their understanding of scholarly work and careers. We hold periodic workshops (and an occasional retreat) on issues such as thesis topic selection, scholarly writing, journal reviewing, and careers outside the professorate. We hold a biannual Poster Session on Dissertations in progress and in alternating years, award the Likert Prize for organizational research stemming from UM dissertations.

3. Conference Support: We provide up to $5,000 of support for faculty interested in organizing conferences of benefit to the organizational community. We typically fund two conferences, events, or workshops a year. A call for conference proposals is made in late February (for conferences held the next academic year).

4. Research Grants: We fund research grants for projects involving faculty and doctoral students at levels up to $3,000. While the grants do not directly support dissertation work, they are intended to support joint faculty-student work that may be related to the dissertation. The call for research grant proposals is once a year in November. The grant duration is for two years.

5. ICOS Executive Committee:
Michael Bastedo, School of Education
Jane Banaszak-Holl, School of Public Health
Jerry Davis, Ross School of Business & Sociology (ICOS Director)
Jane Dutton, Ross School of Business & Psychology
Victoria Johnson, Organizational Studies
Clifford Lame, School of Information
Mark Mizruchi, Department of Sociology
Jason Owen-Smith, Organizational Studies, Sociology
Diane Kaplan Vinokur, School of Social Work
James Westphal, Strategy, Ross School of Business
Oscar Ybarra, Psychology

ICOS Executive Committee Emeritus Members:
Robert Kahn, Professor Emeritus of Psychology; Health Services Management & Policy,and Research Scientist Emeritus, Survey Research Center
Rick Price, Organizational Studies, Psychology
Karl Weick, Ross School of Business

How do I get more information, gain access to login to ICOS website, or be added to the ICOS mailing list? Contact Marybeth Myers, ICOS Coordinator, (734) 936-1525/e-mail: mbmyers@umich.edu; or ICOS Director Jerry Davis (734) 647-4737 /email: gfdavis@umich.edu