Help: Profiles

What is a User Profile?
*ICOS members with a site account have the option to enrich their community experience by making information about themselves available to other community members. Profiles can't be accessed by anyone who isn't logged in to the ICOS site.

What is a Role?
*Role refers to your self-identified status as a ICOS Student, Faculty, or Friend. You choose this identity at the beginning of the registration process. Certain profile fields are only available to particular roles. Examples of role-dependent profile information include "Courses I've Taken" (for students only) or "Courses I Teach" (for faculty only) Examples of role-independent profile information include "Name", "City", and "Affiliation"

Profile Types
*When members register, they identify their role: a U of M Faculty Member, Student, or Friend of ICOS. Available profile fields depending on their self-identified role. For example, a U of M Faculty Member will have the option to include "Courses I Teach", while a Student will have the option to include "Courses I've Taken".

Required information for all profiles:
*Members can fill in their entire profile when they register, but it's not mandatory. Required fields for all member roles are: Name, City, and Affiliation. You have the option to add or remove profile information anytime.

How to Update Profile Content
1) Login
2) In the Right Sidebar, under the Username Heading, click "My Account"
3) You will arrive at the profile page associated with the logged in account. In the center content area, under the heading that reads "Edit My Account", please click on "Basic Profile"
4) Make desired changes (adding or removing information) to your profile.
5) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit to save changes.
*Note: Do not click delete when your objective is to update profile information. If you do, and proceed to confirm this action on the next page, your account will be deleted. The account can not be recovered.