ICOS Conference Funding

Call for ICOS Conference Proposals

In preparing for the 2012-2013 academic year, ICOS is once again offering financial support to University of Michigan faculty sponsored conferences or workshops that relate to organizational themes.

If you are considering planning such a meeting, ICOS is now accepting funding requests for up to $5,000 for meetings that will occur prior to September 2014. Although this is generally not enough to fully fund larger meetings, it can cover the full cost of small workshops, and it is generally sufficient to encourage other units to make matching contributions.

Our purpose is to encourage conferences or workshops that will enrich the organizational studies community by bringing together potential collaborators, serving as a prelude to publication, or stimulating important intellectual exchanges.

ICOS places fairly few constraints on possible proposals. However, one important element required of any proposal is that at least one session of the meeting should be open for general ICOS participants.

Shorter proposals are better -- for both writers and readers. So we recommend a length of 3-5 pages. It is helpful to include your reasons for seeing the topic as a significant one in the context of contemporary organization studies. It is helpful to the proposal evaluators to know something about the probable participants, their relevance to the proposed topic, and their likelihood of attending. A breakdown of the requested budget with appropriate explanation also is important.

Proposals should be sent via email (including cover sheet available from Paula), to Paula Kopka, at pkopka@umich.edu. They are due by Monday, November 5, 2012 They will be reviewed by the ICOS Executive Committee with announcements made by mid-November.