The Michael D. Cohen Small Research Grant Competition

ICOS is pleased to announce its 2015 round of the Michael D. Cohen Small Research Grant Awards to facilitate mentored research. Awards of up to $3,000 will be made to defray research expenses associated with joint doctoral student/faculty projects. These funds can be used for any expenses associated with the research process (e.g., purchase of data sets, transcription costs, purchase of video tapes, research related travel costs, subject costs, copying expenses, etc.) They can be used for salary only in the case of unfunded students. There is a $350 limit for conference related travel.

You can apply with a jointly authored letter (student(s) and faculty) addressed to the ICOS Executive Committee, and delivered to Karen Lewis at the Business School. The letter, usually no more than four pages, should state the objectives of the research, briefly place them in the context of relevant theories and prior results, state the expected contribution to organization studies, sketch the research design and methods, and indicate the expected outcomes (e.g., an article, a grant proposal for a larger project, etc.). A budget and projected timetable should also be included.

Applicants should make clear their plans for resolving any human subjects issues raised by their proposed research, and funding will not begin until human subjects approval is demonstrated.

Please Note:

These grants are not intended for support of dissertation research. We are happy if the work this program supports leads on to dissertation ideas, but the program focus is on developing collaborations among students and faculty that are joint work.

ICOS expects that within two years of receiving an award the student and faculty award recipients would be willing to make a presentation of their findings and/or related work in some relevant open forum.

Only one competition will be held this year. In expectation of receiving a number of quality proposals, we have budgeted for about three awards. But please remember this is a competitive process and only a limited number of grants can be funded during each cycle.

Please email your application letter in Word or .pdf format, along with this completed COVER SHEET, to the ICOS Executive Committee, c/o Karen Lewis at by Monday, March 16, 2015, by 5:00 p.m., to:

ICOS Small Grants
c/o Karen Lewis
Stephen M. Ross School of Business
Room R5452
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1234

Jerry Davis, ICOS Co-Director