Anne O’Leary-Kelly, University of Arkansas

An Interactional Framing Approach to Understanding Workplace Sexual Harassment
Anne O'Leary-Kelly


Winter 2024
Lecture Time: 
Friday, April 5, 2024 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm
Lecture Location: 

R0220, Ross building


Organizational research on sexual harassment tends to focus on this phenomenon as it exists within the perceptions of individuals (actors, targets, bystanders) or within the cultures of certain types of organizations. Another lens, which has received little exploration, is focused on the interactional dynamics of social groups. This presentation outlines an interactional framing perspective around sexual harassment phenomena. This perspective provides insight into hard- to-answer questions around workplace sexual harassment, like how blatantly egregious acts can occur in a work environment, how highly problematic situations can endure for so long, and why those targeted often do not report the conduct. The framing perspective also stimulates ideas for valuable future research questions.

Recording & Additional Notes