José Cortina, George Mason University, Psychology

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On the cutting edge or falling over the side? Rethinking the way that we evaluate research


José Cortina, George Mason University, Psychology

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Semester: Winter 2017

Date: Friday, April 14, 2017

Time: 1:30 - 3:00 PM

Venue: Room R1220, Ross School of Business

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Jose M. Cortina is a Professor in the I/O Psychology program at George Mason University. He is past Editor of Organizational Research Methods and a former Associate Editor of the Journal of Applied Psychology. Dr. Cortina was honored by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology with the 2001 Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award, by the Research Methods Division of AOM with the 2004 Best Paper Award and by the ORM Editorial Board with the 2012 Best Paper Award. He was honored by GMU with a 2010 Teaching Excellence Award and by SIOP with the 2011 Distinguished Teaching Award. Dr. Cortina recently served as President of SIOP.


There is an increasing disconnect between best and actual research practices. Hypotheses are unjustified, research designs are inappropriate, results are seldom replicated, and analyses are misapplied. The first purpose of this talk is to describe some of these problems and present evidence that they exist and have deleterious consequences. The second is to identify the reasons that they exist. Having identified these reasons, the third purpose of this talk is to discuss how to replace these reasons with reasons that would lead to a true Organizational Science.

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Cortina, J.M. (2016). Defining and operationalizing theory. Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Holland, S., Shore, D., & Cortina, J.M. (In press). Review and recommendations for integrating mediation and moderation. Organizational Research Methods.

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